„o. T. von To“ is an archive and research project. It contains projects and productions since 2002. More than 1500 pictures, videos, audio-files, drawings, etc. Related researches and other remnants are stored here as well. It functions as a project to store art productions, to provide with a plattform to discuss it’s own character as well as a possibility to culminate into more advanced research.

Debates about the character and the use of the archive concentrated over time. It became a question of form. It needed to culminate in tense space. A discursive space was created, its form being either a physical space, a mobile comprised archive, or an oral documentation. This now is the digital version.

acoustic space

In succession to the exhibition „Ausstellung“ from 2008 an interview was held with each single participant who participated in the process of this collaborative piece. Several mixes in form of a somehow mediated discussion was edited. The ideas, expectations and experiences was combined in a storytelling fashion.

physical space

During the exhibition „zu Fuß“ in the Frappant project rooms in Hamburg the archive and discursive space manifested in one of the exhibition rooms. The room became the meeting place during the set-up period. Here the exhibition was organized, the constellation of the rooms was discussed and of course there was time for coffee and warmth.

bei der AusstellungDiskussionsraumAusstellungsübersicht

compact form

During the diploma exhibition 2010 of the HfbK Hamburg „o.T. von To“ became a compact form. A mobile archive presented material from 24 productions, more than 100 participating artists, foto material, unfinished things, bills, etc. While not being part of a collaborative art production the archive stood as a foldable bureau in the middle of the currently unused project space Institut für Telenautik of the art school. It was also a statement that without a production the project is a silent archive. It needs to be used in order to function.

Verweisbildarchiv als bewegter Arbeitsraumarchiv - Objekt

future forms

While its digital form is available since 2011 the archive is very much interested in merging into a complete non-physical form. Its objective has begun to explore the mechanisms of discourses itself – the transgression of information from one form to another.